Our Projects

The Bain’s

A modern and slick side extension together with a garage to the front and a bedroom behind, making use of the available space. The job took three months to complete after we won the competitive bid. Although we didn’t provide the plans for this build we can provide plans and the services of an architect as well.

North Down Road Loft Conversion

This was a great project, a full loft conversion complete with bedroom and en-suite, boiler upgrade, Eternit cladding to gable end and dormer. Complete re-paint to the exterior. Fire door upgrades to the rest of the house.

Swinburne Extension

Here we did a rear extension complete with bi-fold and french doors and an overhanging canopy. This included lights, full back knock through inc fitting steels and engineering. Reclaimed timber flooring to match the rest of the house. New kitchen all decoration and Indian sandstone patio

Botany Road

On this job, we did the primary structure only as the client did all the internal work himself.

On this particular project, we removed the roof completely and fitted a steel frame to support the load of the new room and roof.

We built the roof and carried out the internal stud work.

We completed the stunning balcony area, fitted the Velux windows including a balcony Velux.

We then cladded the externals with Western red ceda.

Dane Road Margate

Hastings Avenue Margate